La Gialla GF MTB

11th September 2022 at the Misano World Circuit  

Gran Fondo Route

The La Gialla GF MTB course unravels along the Valle del Conca.

After crossing the Borgo di San Teodoro (Mondaino) burg you will travel the “discesa degli insetti” (insects descent) to arrive to the valley of Montespino. From there you will move up again, across the roads leading to the Castle of Cerreto, where there will be a very fast descent followed by another hard ascent, “la terribile di San Felice” which will lead us to the “mangia e bevi” of the fascinating Val di Ranco. From here, you will be moving up again, towards the Rocca di Montefiore.

Once outside the town, it will be time for the “discesa dell’Urbotto” (Urbotto descent) where you will enter a real forest called Ventena. Once outside, you will be about to enter the Town of Gemmano where the last climb will be divided in two steps: the first one across the Borgo di Farneto; the second one leading to the town of Zollara. The last descent of the day will be the gorgeous and highly technical “Forrest”. At the end of it you will be riding alongside the river Conca, all the way to the arrival, with plenty of technical passages


56 km


1200 mt

Longest climb

4 km

Most important climbs

San Teodoro,
San Felice, Farneto

Maximum incline


Listino prezzi

Prima griglia Gialla

  • Area lounge dedicata con ritiro pettorale

    parcheggio auto

    pacchetto foto e video

    kit doccia

    2 ingressi ristoro finale in area vip
70 pettorali

La Gialla + GF Squali

  • La gialla GF Strada
  • Granfondo Squali

Sign up by
31st May 2022


Sign up by
15th August 2022


Sign up from
16th August 2022



What it contains:

Technical clothing

Exclusive product

Non-alcoholic beer

Food integrators

Technical accessory

Sports creams

Selection of local products

Misano World Circuit

Start 10 AM

11thSeptember 2022


Short Route


48 km


850 mt

Longest climb

4 km

Most important climbs

San Teodoro,
San Felice

Maximum incline


Included in the race:

Medical assistance

Technical assistance

Course Timing

Showers by the finishing line

Celebrative medal

Racing number

Race pack

Bicycle parking

Rest stops

Final refreshment


The most frequent questions

The 11th September 2022 at the Misano World Circuit.

The race starts at 10 AM.

Yes, definitely, you will be signed up as “individual”. Upon signing up online, you will need to select “non-registered” and upload your competitive medical certificate for CYCLING valid for the date of the race. This will activate your daily card at the cost of € 10.

The daily card will make you a cyclist for one day and, as such, you will be covered by the insurance that the FCI grants to all its members. 

Upon collecting your race pack you will be able to rent it out at the price of 5€ + 5€ deposit, which will be given back to you once you hand back the chip.

If you want to, you will be able to buy the chip.

La Gialla GF MTB è aperta alle persone (uomini/donne) di minimo 17 anni di età.

  1. Griglia Gialla dal n.1 al n.250
  2. Griglia Bianca dal n.251 al n.550
  3. Griglia Verde dal n.551 e oltre


L’organizzazione SQUALIFICHERÀ seduta stante chi verrà colto a saltare la griglia di appartenenza e chi si troverà in una griglia non corrispondente al suo numero senza essere stato autorizzato dall’organizzazione.

Sì, le e-bike possono partecipare ma partiranno dall’ultima griglia e non possono partecipare alla classifica.

Sì, possono fare solo il percorso corto e partiranno in ultima griglia 


Daniele Volpe


Emanuele Bucci


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