La Gialla GF MTB

September 11th 2022 at the Misano World Circuit.

The race will begin at 10 AM.

You may position yourself in the grids from 9 AM onwards.


The finishing line will be at the Misano World Circuit/IBF.

Every FCI member, belonging to categories Junior Sport, Elite Sport/M1/M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8 – Junior Women Sport – E Women Sport/MW1/MW2/MW3; and to those Sports Promotion organisations who have signed an agreement with F.C.I. for the year 2022, upon presenting the Bike card alongside the card of their own organisation. Foreign amateur cyclists can also take part, as long as they possess a valid UCI licence for the year 2022, issued by their own National Cycling Federation and subject to ethical certification in English and a fitness certificate compiled in accordance with model E.

The Event is also open to all non-members; a daily FCI card will activated for them, at the cost of € 10, for insurance coverage regarding “civil responsibility towards third parties” during the event. In order to apply for the daily card you need to present a competitive sports medical certificate for cycling.

In order to participate you must possess the following requisites:

− for athletes registered with FCI or sports promotion organisations: fitness certificate for competitive cycling (other certifications for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, track and field, etcetera are not valid)

− for individuals residing in Italy but not registered with FCI or Sports promotion organisations: fitness certificate for sports activities of particularly high cardiovascular demand (as per D.M. of 24.04.2013) 

− for individuals residing abroad: fitness certificate for competitive cycling races issued by a doctor of the country where the said individual resides – as per downloadable model (or equivalent) 

Possession of a sports card can be considered a valid alternative to ownership of a regular and adequate certificate only if said sports card bears the DataHealth logo, along with the expiry date of a fitness certificate for competitive cycling.

Yes and once 1000 participants are reached you will not be able to sign up any longer.

The maximum age to take part is 79 (born after 01.01.1943). Cyclists over the age of 79 cannot take part.

Yes, definitely, you will be signed up as “individual”. Upon signing up online, you will need to select “non-registered” and upload your competitive medical certificate for CYCLING valid for the date of the race. This will activate your daily card at the cost of € 10.

The daily card will make you a cyclist for one day and, as such, you will be covered by the insurance that the FCI grants to all its members. 

We can’t issue you the daily card and therefore you won’t be able to take part in La Gialla GF MTB.

The daily card is a document reserved to those who are not registered with any club. The FCI daily card FCI grants the same insurance coverage that all members of the various clubs already enjoy. Its price (as established by the Federazione Ciclistica Italiana, FCI) is 10€ and it must be paid upon collecting the race number.

No, the last day to sign up is Saturday 10th September in the bibs and race packs collection area.

In the first phase, you will be able to sign up until Monday 5/09/2022.

It will be possible again, at a higher price – if there are still bibs available – directly in the registration area on Friday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2022 only.

You may contact or Daniele Volpe: +39 3480048380.

If you are not sure that your registration has gone ahead.

  • Check that you have received a confirmation email from Winning Time
  • Access the Winning Time portal with your credentials and verify if they have already carried out the registration in the “my online purchases” area

If you have received the email, it means you are registered for the race. You may not receive our emails even if you are already registered in the race. This may happen for various reasons:

  • You have supplied to us an incorrect email address or one that is not in use anymore.
  • The emails ended up in the “Junk Mail” folder
  • Our emails were rejected by the server of your mailbox.

If you haven’t received confirmation of your payment you have not been registered.

If you have been charged and yet you have not received emails, contact

Yes, sure, you simply need to use paper bearing the name of the club of origin, where you will fill in all the details requested by the form, for every athlete. The sheet with the list will have to be signed by the president of the club, confirming that all the information is correct. Payment can be cumulative and in one instalment, for everyone.

You will be told your bib number directly by Winning Time, on the Friday before the race.

You will be able to collect your bib and you race pack in the MWC Square on Saturday between 10 AM and 6 PM.

If the registered person ends up not taking part in the race, the fee spent will not reimbursed. In case of impossibility to take part, said person will have two options:

  • Communicating their impossibility STRICTLY via EMAIL by midnight of 05.09.2022. In this eventuality, the whole fee will be kept valid for the 2023 edition. Said registration, for the following year, is nominal and cannot be transferred to third parties. It is also valid only for the year after this one.
  • Allow another athlete to replace them. In this eventuality, the substitution must be carried out by 5th September 2022; for this kind of operation, an additional secretarial fee of € 10.00 will be requested. The person signing up as a replacement will need to supply their personal details and all information connected to their registration or to their medical certificate (fill out a new signing up module and make the person giving away their bib send the module in question to the registration office by the person giving away their bib).

You simply need the cycling card or the medical certificate if you are signing up as an “individual”.

Yes, you can delegate another person to collect the race pack by presenting the receipt of payment of the registration fee and filling out the authorisation, which you can find here. 

Upon collecting your race pack you will be able to rent it out at the price of 5€ + 5€ deposit,which will be given back to you once you hand back the chip.

If you want to, you will be able to buy the chip.

The final results will be available on our site.

The Gialla GF MTB shall be completed in no more than 6 hours.

Yes, if you feel like you can’t continue you will be able to use the “sweep service” that will take you to the finishing line with the means of transport of the organisation (buses or vans) from the bottom of the group. We would like to remind you, however, that the sweep service is not a taxi, it’s at the bottom of the group and it gradually “picks up“ all retired racers and only once it’s full it will head off directly to the Misano circuit, not before.

Beyond the time indicated by the rulebook, the organisation won’t guarantee any service to participants who won’t even appear in the ranking.

Yes, there will be a mechanical assistance point in Montefiore.

The roads will be closed to traffic (cyclists included) during the majority of the race. We kindly ask you to take a close look at the race’s schedule published as soon as the Relevant Prefectures will confirm it.

The official award ceremony will take place at 2.30 PM inside the Misano World Circuit.
The various individual standings will include all amateur cyclists and “ciclosportivi”. The standings will be put together based on actual travel time and not on the finishing line order, except for the top positions, defined by the judge based on the dispositions of ACSI.

Inside the technical envelope with your number, you will also find a ticket for the final refreshment, which will be located inside Italian Bike Festival.

Yes, you will be able to use showers and changing rooms.

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